Francesca Càndito

Francesca Candito dipinto
oil, acrylic, pastel and collage on canvas - 100 * 100 cm - 2019


Francesca Càndito (born 1975 in Rome) is an artist living and working out of Verona.

She has exhibited in various group or individual exhibitions both in Italy (for instance at Palazzo Reale in Milan) and abroad.

“ I was born like this, with art between my fingers and in my heart. My faces, on a black background, speak of distant stories that are intertwined within the fibers of the canvas. The ultimate goal is a return to order, to light. The dragonflies transmute, the heart cleanses bringing back openness and awareness, rooting comes from the eyes. Art is vibration. Not everything is art, but when the alchemy is accomplished, and the connection between you and another dimension has been allowed to be created, then your body will tremble in front of the canvas; and now you vibrate in front of your dress, ready to wear your magic.” - Francesca Càndito     



Francesca Candito opera   
Sepia Lady 
Opera su carta - 46 * 31 cm - 2019