Jesse Grylls

"A lot of my pieces are very vibrant, and I take time looking at relationships between colours. I think this comes from my graffiti background. I believe there are deeper, almost spiritual like properties, in the ways colour can impact one through the subconscious values they each embody. Much of my work looks at the relationship and contrast between “good” and “bad”. Often, I look at this in the context of different states of mind and mood. Often this encompasses the ideas of freedom and captivity. I strive to depict the “truth” of my ideas and emotions in all my work. I feel this gives value and meaning to my work.
None of my work is ever aesthetically pre-planned, although, I do often have a theme/idea or emotion that I want to explore in a painting before I go into it.
I believe everyone has something they can take away from my work, an idea, an emotion and inspiration in all forms of life. I hope you will see things in my work that I have not and have your own takeaways". -YISHAI