Regina Kanahuati

"There´s an inevitable division among us, even at the highest level of connexion, there is not a single being on earth able to acknowledge us in such a perfect way as we each do to ourselves.

Perception, sensibility, the infinite amount of things we are able to experience inside us, there´s no language able to describe with words this complex interiorization of reality, not enough senses, everything gets kind of finite at some point.

This blank space is somehow shortened among art, from the limited amount of truth reality provides, at the end we all stay inside us, forever, we´ll never truly know what's outside, this vision, this ability is extended honestly through art.

In it we encounter each other in deeper realities, the ones inside us. The way we can relate and approach a painting only reveals one of the infinite forms among us.

Because of this, I make my art in the most honest possible way, from my deep insides, the revelation of my forms, understood under yours." - Regina Kanahuati