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Art and Sustainability into Fashion

Lazarus is an initiative focused on environmental sustainability and supporting artists.
We sell artwork created on items of clothing.
The fashion industry is one of the biggest pollutants in the world, and so through our clothing we set out to change this by working on lost or unwanted items. We aim to revive these clothes and return them to the fashion world and market. Through our art focused model we are striving to reintroduce the freedom of art into the fashion world.
We are passionate about maintaining truth and freedom in art and so we represent art in all media at the will of our artists.

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Albert Agwa

Jordi Boldó

Francesca Càndito

Andrea Cerquiglini

Vittoria Chierici

Walter Cruz

Jesse Grylls

Regina Kanahuati

Francesco Merletti

Germán Muñoz Carbajal

Elisa Salas

Marco Teatro