Andrea Cerquiglini

Collection "Roma"


Born in Rome in 1961, Andrea Cerquiglini is a fully qualified architect. He moved to Milan in 1989 where he works as project designer of showrooms, work environments, trade fair stands and light installations. Genetically attracted by the Far East, from 2008 up to 2014 he lived and worked in Seoul for long periods. Eclectic in temperament, he has spent a lifetime cultivating artistic expression in parallel to his profession and with methodical discontinuity. An “indispensable need” as he usually states.

During the last few years he has taken part in several collective exhibitions around the world and received prizes as the Contemporary art prize Rossopassione 2020 (1st prize), Contemporary art prize Marchionni 2020 (honorable mention) in Italy or even the Art Paper International competition and exhibition 2019 in Switzerland.

If you want more information about the artist visit: Andrea Cerquiglini’s website.


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Collection "Roma"

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