Shifting Minds by Jesse Grylls

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Blue checkered shirt with front zip and pockets. Painted cuffs with tryptic painting on back.

Artist: YISHAI

"I had wanted to incorporate a tryptic style into my clothing for a while and have been thinking about the concept of moods and states of mind. In this shirt I saw an opportunity to combine the both. In a lot of my art I look at the relationship between good and evil. For me this shirt depicts three environments and emotions. The first is one of freedom and serenity, the second of ordered beauty and vibrance but with a feeling of trapped despair, finally the third is one of chaos and conflicting thoughts and emotions. I want to keep this summary brief as I do not wish to push your thoughts on this piece in a certain direction. Take inspiration from it and formulate you own ideas. I’m sure many will see things in it that I haven’t yet."  -YISHAI