The Realisation Of The Promised by Jesse Grylls

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Dark bomber jacket, button up front and buttoned pockets, with painting on back.

Artist: YISHAI

"I started by painting the picture on the back. In my head I had a rough idea of a landscape that I wanted to convey. The vibrant colours reflect the emotions of the central character. Each colour I feel tells us something different and new. I have a lot of envy and jealousy for the characters her in this. I guess the emotions and general situation the character is in is what  I want and what I think I am striving for in what I do right now. I hope you can relate and gain some more understanding of self through this. The design of the rest of the jacket flowed due to its contrast against the main painting. I also like the contrast between the front and back of the jacket, I think it is similar to a lot of humans." - YISHAI